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How I can increase gig impression, views and orders?


Hello guys. I am a Professional Graphic Designer. I joined Fiverr about a month ago. At present my six gigs are active. I saw some people who work on Fiverr. I saw thier gig impression, clicks and view increased very fast. Now their impression is 3k+ only in few months. Bad luck they are not telling me the tricks. In one month I did two sale. 100% successful with excellent rating. My highest impression of one of my gig is 697. I always share my gigs in social media, groups. Please tell me how I can increase my gig impression, views, orders and clicks. Thanks.

How can increase my Gig VIEWS and IMPRESSIONS?

This month is a bit off season for sales on Fiverr. It will perhaps continue like this till 4-5 of January and then it will be normal(Mostly). :slight_smile:

Btw how did you ‘see’ someone’s analytics? (You had a wild guess perhaps)


They are my senior. And we live in same place. I saw one of my seniors gig yesterday which is created few months ago, may be 2 months. When I met with him, I saw his gig impression 4.1k. And many orders are pending. That’s why I asked for help. Is there any way to increase my gigs impressions, views, and clicks?Thanks


I think one thing you can do is ask your senior how they got the impressions for their gig and the pending orders.

Hope this helps.


@pastordre Have a look at the OP.

@istiak10 There are just too many ways for improvement that it is not possible to collect and post in here. Try the Search box in this Forum and Google. :wink:


I asked but they aren’t telling me which I already said. They told me I’ll get the tricks working and getting experience on fiverr. Thanks


Though I already used both ways. You are saying that’s why i’ll try again. Thanks :slight_smile:


I am same to you… but do not hopeless
you can forum posting… about your gigs or answer another post… I hope will sucess


yeah! Thanks :slight_smile:


In This Month The Sales Wasn’t That Much. I Think Cause Of Christmas Everyone Was Off duty. But Now The Jobs Are At Peek Point.


At peak point? You mean the next phase is decline phase?


May Be It Would Be. HAHAHAHA


Forum posting? How I can do it? Please tell me.


@istiak10 Follow The Link And You Will Be There… Post Your Problem To Customer Support…


@sunny_aldon Ok. Thank yoy :slight_smile:


there is many forum about various topics…you can choose dofollow forum.and ariticle submit about your gigs… you can try “warior” forum…thanks best of luck


Thanks you very much for this valuable information. @mizanurmiraz


Do not cancel order and 24 hrs fast deliver all orders.
share social media.
you can get your gig one first page. :muscle:


Hello istiak. I know it has been long you’ve asked a question here. But I believe you would have gotten a solution since Dec. The purpose of sending this message to you is to ask for your favor on how you get orders. I really need to solve this problem. I would like to start getting orders like you do today.

Please how can you be of help?