How i can increase my gig sales


dear all kindly give me some tips about how can i increase my gig sales my profile are bellow



Change your Gig titles to:

I will create a good looking, professional LOGO


I will create a Contact Us form for your website

They both read better. :slight_smile:



  1. Your gig has spelling mistakes and it looks unprofessional.
  2. The gig images haven’t been made by you and seem like they’ve been taken from the internet.
  3. You need better description for your gigs, work samples, etc.


You need my help.


Reply to @ianhamshaw:

I’m not really one to really promote other sellers, but yep, you do need some help with your Gig descriptions from somewhere, dude.


@itexpert555 you just started your journey, is going to take a while for the gigs to start rolling in everyday. Add videos, and work samples this should help you.


1 - change that default pic

2- Change the gigs pics , look to simple and boring

3 - Check your spelling on the gigs descriptions and gigs.

4 - offer free cookies.

5 - offer virtual lapdance , just joshing!

Cheers and good luck mate.