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How I can Increase My Sales?


I am Shahnur. Level 2 seller at fiverr. as a google certified marketer and Web designer I have many services. I have promote my client website on bing and adwords ppc, social media marketing and design website from scratch. Recently I haven’t got many order from buyer. I can’t find my gigs on search.

Now what I need to do for comeback?
please share your experience with me for increase my sales.



First you post your gigs in social media like facebook, LinkedIn, tumbler, tweeter etc.

If you increase gigs view in social media marketing automatically you gigs come back to top position.


You’re a marketer, use your skills to promote and market your own services.


Do the same thing that you do for your clients… promote. but this time promote your self. create a blog and promote that blog then drive traffic from there. or you can also do facebook, google , twitter advertising you can surely get more orders. !


Hi ,
Use Gig Images Unique Write Gig Description Yourself Don’t Copy 3 Lines from one seller 3 from Another. Use Mostly searched Keywords in Tags Automatically You will Get Orders. And if you have Updated Gig in the last 1 or 2 days then your Gig will be Under Review. If the Gig is Not Show able From More then 2 Days then please Contact Fiverr Customer Support. Thanks


Don’t lie to him. He should definitely bribe the mods and editors in order to increase the sales. Imagine if there was a section called “buyer requests” that might bring you some orders, that would’ve been awesome. I don’t know, maybe some websites exist, where you can share your work to, I’ve heard those websites are called social media networks.


There is no such thing as a “Google Certified Marketer”. Do you mean Google AdWords Professional?


I am offering my services for free to start off with!!! (Music Production)


Thanks for information


Oh yes! its Adwords and analytic certified professional.


Thank You. I want to try it for increase my sales


With your question you automatically disqualifying yourself as ‘certified’ marketeer.

Every time when I come to this forum for a face palm moment I never get disappointed.