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How i can make a fiverr studio?


This is my first post on the forum, and I am pretty new on this. I am a successful Fiverr seller, completed over 1500 projects,
I am trying to make Fiverr studio, but really don’t know how I can make it, I think you guys will help me, am I eligible to make the studio? or do I will get the only an invitation from someone else, I have this bade too. I hope i will get my answer.

You have to be designated as a studio lead to create a Fiverr Studio.

Yes, you do need to wait for an invitation.


I’m waiting from the last couple of months but I didn’t get any invitation yet. Can you please explain a bit more regarding this.

I have had the “Get Studio Invites” Since the first day it was offered, but neither have I been contacted.

If someone needs your services and likes your gigs then they will contact you. Having the option on your profile does not guarantee that you will get contacted.

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