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How I can make it anyone see my gigs?

I’ve some gigs, but no one come to order, they just asking, even just say hi and gone, this sample my gig
I almost thought my gig isn’t visible to anyone


If your Gig is receiving clicks and impressions, then people are seeing it. They’re just not showing enough interest in it to message you or buy from you.

That could be for a number of reasons. Here are a couple:

First, your Gig description is really bad. It’s two lines long and is very difficult to understand. Tidy it up and bulk it out. Try to include in it answers to questions buyers may have. Talk about your experience, who owns the completed work, the technical details of the picture, etc.

Second, your prices may be too high, at least for now. While you’re not a new seller, your current Gig has zero reviews. Personally, I feel nervous about spending more on a Gig with zero reviews, and I know there are others out there like me.


thanks for answer, its helping much. at least I’ve been repair my gig description, and indeed that only describes me, about price maybe I need think again if want to decrease it because I already have a client at that price before, and yes Your opinion is not entirely wrong, maybe my prices too high, and for review in my gig it wasn’t completely zero at all, at least I have some good review that you can read in my gigs. thank you very much for suggestion

please visit my gigs, feel free :slight_smile:

About This Gig.

I been an illustrator and comic artist since 2012, showcasing my talents for both major and indie publishers. I’ve worked on various children and teen books in the past and would now like to utilize my talent for you. All drawings are done manually and are ran through Photoshop for the finishing touches. I am capable of drawing in American or Manga style depending on your preference. Please contact me first to open up a line of communication. Thank you.

That is pretty much what you had written cleaned up. Keep in mind I am no professional when it comes to writing gigs, lol. You should definitely still incorporate what @ahmwritingco suggested as well.

Side note: You got an awesome talent.

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wow, thanks a lot @j6nyc6 :smiley: quite the same as I meant, and I asked permission to use it lol

No problem…

Hi there @andryprasetya, welcome to the community, glad you’ve joined the family. Best of luck !!

Warmly, Humberto


It is visible. It isn’t voluntary to be seen where you want to be seen. Otherwise every gig would be on the first page and the first page would be 300 miles long.

Ranking is based on Fiverr business needs, not seller wants.

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I knew a lot
Thank you

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No problem.

Welcome to the Fiverr forum! If you want, you can create your own welcome thread for advice and greetings. :slight_smile: