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How i can post Ad. my gig in fiverr


Dear fellow, i want to post paid advertise my gig. How can i do that, please tell me.


if you are qualified for that, you will receive an new section called “promoted gigs” under your selling tools tab.


If you aren’t yet eligible for paid ads (or even if you are) you can post a free ad in the advertising section of the forum.

Please be polite and don’t overpost, but you can use this free ad space on the Forum: My Fiverr Gigs


Dear, What is the eligibility criteria for receiving a new section called “promoted gigs”?


First, if I were you I would try to get out of the habit of using the term “Dear” in this way. If you use the term with buyers from certain countries, they may find it offensive. In some locations the use of that word is only for close family or a romantic partner. You could address people by their name if they have offered it, their username, or just don’t use a greeting. Avoid the use of Dear, Sir, Bro, etc.

As far as promoted gigs, everything that Fiverr has written publicly about it can be found here:


You hit the nail on the head with this one. Usually, when I get the “Dear” I give the longest eye :eye: roll, it’s just bad all bad. Huge pet peeve of mine!


thank you very much for correcting me!