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How I can promote my gigs in the \"Buyer Request\"?

Hello, I want to promote my writing gigs in the “Buyer Request” section.
I see a lot of sellers that advertise their gigs in this section but every single time that I try to create a promotion my request is declined.

How I can promote?

Thanks a lot


Don’t do it, it’s unprofessional and considered desperate. Poor practice. That section of the website is for BUYERS, the sellers are supposed to respond to requests. Inappropriate spamming leads to a lot of frustration from both sides. Everyone hates sellers posting there, and they basically get minus 80 to karma per symbol typed in the ad.


So this is spam?
How they can post thir ad? I want to report the spammers

The “Buyer Requests” is not made for promoting your gigs, although many do, they probably have not been spotted by the filters. There is a place where you can do that. Right column: ¨My Fiverr Gigs¨. Good luck!

Thanks a lot

Actually, you can use your facebook page ,twitter, google community for promoting but you have to contain lots of SEO community in these every social media
Thank you

Read the Do’s and Don’t
every seller had unlimited offer if you ever every only notice it.
i hope you noticed it. my ged.

You should just respond to buyer request as a result your gigs wll be shown to buyer and can get orders if your offer soots them… be the first 1 to send offer you may have more chances then… best of luck for your hunt :slight_smile:

This is Timmy. Timmy thinks it’s ok to post non Buyer Requests on the Buyer Requests section. Don’t be like Timmy.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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If you’re a SELLER and want to promote your SERVICE, then you can send CUSTOM OFFERS to the BUYERS who want to BUY something.

That probably still isn’t clear enough for some on here :frowning:

right .Thanks a lot rohomottula

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How can you send custom offer to the buyer who didnt contact you??? you can,t
Custom offer is applicable when you are communicating with some one

when you send an offer to buyers request it is done as a custom offer.

See this link

Every buyers request I’ve made when I’ve accepted an offer has been shown to be a “custom offer”.
I’m telling you, swear to you, it’s a custom offer when you apply to these.

See my years here? Trust me on this.

Yeah the buyer request are custom offers…

@uncarved its obvious as we are sending custom price offer and gig…

then why did you clearly say that you can’t send a custom offer to buyers request?

see? you state you can’t and then you state after I say that you can that of course we can.