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How I Can Promote My Gigs?

Who will give a Social media Famous links to promote my gigs because i am new here?|
and who will tell me how to promote gig by other trickss?

I’m afraid nobody can help you, you will need to read through the forum and do the
research on your own. Believe me, there are hundreds of useful tips in the forum, you just need to take your time to read. If you are not willing to put in that time, you might not be successful.

All you need to know on how to promote your gigs are kept for you inside the fiverr academy. There are lot of articles and tips about this in there. You can access this right now at the menu bar of this particular forum page that you are now. Hope that would help!

Happy To help you.

Suggestion first of all Edit your gig and make it eye catchy .
And then promote it on All Social media . Don’t Think much just share it. You will get result in a week.

Follow these step and Reply here after a week . :slight_smile: