How i can put an animated banner on my gig?


Hi all,

How i can put an animated banne on my gig? If you know, please let me.

Many Thanks


You cannot. No animated images. But you can create and upload a video. :wink:


Sorry gig doesn’t support gif files.



Some seller put it there gig. But how can did they.


They did by tricking the system and will get removed - Customer Support clearly said it’s not allowed.

Just don’t :wink: ask CS yourself if you don’t believe me, they’ll tell you the same :slight_smile:


They are not allowed to, and have not yet been caught. You don’t need to do things just because other people are doing them.

No animated images. Those are the rules.


Yes i agree with jonbass.


Yes I agree with jonbass


Many Many Thanks for your advice.


I tried and failed. But I do not understand how they did?


Don’t waste your profile. You can upload video instead of that.


It’s better to not know some things. :slight_smile:


You don’t need to know how they did it. It’s wrong, and it could get your gig removed.

Move on. We’re not going to tell you how other users break the rules. :wink:


Don’t waste your profile. Instead of that you can upload video.


I tried but i couldnt


See you can not add the animated banner but I suggest that make without animated effective design of the your GIG and upload it will give you the result.