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How i can Rank my gig on top


Greeting to everyone.
i am zeeshan and i want to know exactly how can i rank my gig on the top even my gigs views and impression are going well but still my gig not shown on the top page. How i can bring my gig to fiverr 1st page?any tips.


Answer is simple: you can not.

There is no way to manipulate the system. And even if there would’ve been a secret, why would we share it with you? Competition is high and first page is too short.


what the criteria to take place on fiverr first page?


Build your gig with precise, relevant tags and meta-data. Deliver quality work, communicate well with customers, and keep your stats up.


Thank you dear and any more tips?


This category is full of tips from sellers ranging the whole gamut of Fiverr experience, and I’m sure you can find something beneficial.


Thank you so much for your guidance wooden_fish


There are currently millions of gigs on sale on Fiverr. That is a lot of competition. It’s a challenge for all sellers to be easily found a Fiverr in the search results. When we are talking about gig SEO we are not referring to Google search rankings. We are talking about how to get your gig ranked on top on Fiverr’s internal search results page.


This is the most important Fiverr SEO factor: ALWAYS put your target keyword(s) in the gig title.
Observe the screenshot below: ALL titles contain the exact match keyword combination I entered in the search field. Think with your buyers’ head “What would they search for if they wanted to buy a gig like mine?”. If you find the right answer to that question and add it to you gig title, your gig page views will rise and you will surely receive more orders via the search page.


Thanks for the advice brother. Am a new seller and hopefully it will work out.


Follow fiverr policy of promotion and make sure you are present on this forum.


Ok dear thank you for your valuable tips.