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How i can sell our services faster,

Helo everyone , I have seen in the fivver that, many people were selling the same things as we sale even in much higher price than us, but, at the same time we are also selling the same service , same quality, and in very low price, but the buyers are going to buy that one ,not from us, how to overcome this, and ge more sales, we are not going to buy fake reviews any further, waiting for your great advice


Buyers will choose to hire whomever they wish to work with. Just because you have lower prices for the same service someone else is charging more for, does not guarantee that buyers will hire you. There are many factors that go into a buyer’s choice to hire a certain seller. If you want buyers to hire you, offer a better, more attractive service then the other sellers.

Fiverr is a competitive marketplace. If you want more orders, be the best seller for your service.


This person is no longer a seller as Fiverr banned her. No idea why she’s still posting here.


There was a long discussion about this in your previous topic.


Maybe she’s hoping to get the answers she wants here…

It’s also interesting that she writes in the present tense, as if she’s still a seller. But she’s been banned.

Odd. Her profile still appears to be active.



I hope you will correct this. I thing buyer don’t like this. Thanks

“dear my new accaunt is still working,”

The above is from the previous topic.


I think she created another account without permission (which you can’t get, of course, for a banned account).

She had a whole thread explaining that Fiverr banned her and she kept trying to justify it. As you know, the only way she could still have an account is to break the Terms. As we know, a ban is a ban. It doesn’t mean you can create another account…


ok, I am closing my accaunt, be happy good bye, and I will never post here again

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if I post, please dont reply me, as your answer is always discouraging me

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Because buyers are not stupid and looking for legitimate sellers with a great reputation. Not sellers like yourself who is trying to cheat the system with double accounts after being banned and still keep breaking rules.

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This is a public forum. Everyone has the right to post here, as long as they’re not breaking the forum rules (and if they are breaking the rules, the moderators will take care of it).