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How I can send free Gig to my Friend

Hey Everyone! I have a friend and he wants a Logo. And I Want to Give him a logo free. So, How can send a free offer??

Can he rate also?

But Fiverr say this in "share & join"

send him a free gig…??

Reply to @sincere18: I’m not trying any kind of trick.!

And don’t insult someone on Forum…just remove that reply!

No, you cannot do jobs for free. Someone must buy your logo gig. And they cannot review a gig unless they pay for it.

Plus if this is really a “friend” why would they even have to contact you on Fiverr at all?

Sounds like you are just trying to give your friend a gig for free so he can review you, that doesn’t work here.

I agree with @sincere18 on this one. If you want to give your friend a logo, just make him a logo and leave Fiverr out of it.

If your friend wants to help you out and genuinely buy a logo with his own payment method and give you a real honest review, that’s not against the rules. Just don’t try having a friend buy 10 logos and give you smashing reviews so you can benefit from fake feedback. That is against the rules (manipulation of feedback) and won’t get you anywhere in the long term anyway.

Reply to @humzadogar: If you are trying to use some Fiverr promo you need to ask Customer Support instead of forum users. You did not say that in your original post and no one insulted you.

Reply to @humzadogar: Oh, that is totally different and not what you originally asked. Yes, ask customer support how to do that.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend will get a free gig from you, it probably will mean that by joining through you, your friend will get Fiverr credit to go buy one gig from someone and it can be anyone, it doesn’t have to be you.

BUt contact Customer support to find out the proper way to make sure that your friend gets his or her credit for a free gig.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks