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How i can shipped physical item to one of my client in Canada?

Please help me out! How i can ask shipping address from a client legal way? I check it out in my extras gig section. But there is low amount option. My shipping charges in above 70$. Please help me out.


Everything you need to know about shipping items to a buyer is stated in TOS at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. :wink:


What are you shipping that costs $70? I can mail things to the other side of the world for $10.


These are some albums, its weight is around 6kg to 7kg.

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Albums that cost $70 to ship? Can’t you send them over the internet?

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No! its in physical form.

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If you are sending a 10 or 15 page photo album that won’t cost $70 to ship. No one will pay $70 shipping cost for a photo album.

In the U.S. we have a store called Walmart that will make a 20 page photo album for $40 and ship it for around $6.

They may have this same store in Canada.

This is the variety of choices you can have, as shown on their site:

Product Details

  • Perfect for a family gift, vacation keepsake or celebration of everyday moments
  • Glossy finish cover customizable with photos, text, and embellishments
  • Feature several photos on up to 150 pages
  • Change themes, page backgrounds and layouts
  • Archival-quality paper with a semi-gloss finish
  • Available in 8x8, 8.5x11 and 12x12

It’s good to know who your competition is. This store has locations all over the world.

You could send a ticket to support and tell them that you need to ask buyers for their address when they buy your gig extra because you need to ship physical items. I’d make clear that you’re asking for the gig, not for that order, so you won’t have to ask every time someone buys that extra but will have a written “permission” from support to ask for the address in those cases.
Probably they’ll also tell you you need to ask on the order page, not in normal chat.

If you can’t select the actual price you need to take for shipping, you’d probably have to send a custom extra for that, which is only possible after people already ordered, so the better idea probably would be to write in your gig that people who want something physically shipped need to contact you for a custom order, then you can build the shipping price into the price of the custom order. But it’s best to ask support about something like that to make sure you have a “legal” way to do it.


Im Canadian, everything costs an arm and a leg in my country. So something thats about 6-7kg would cost around the $70 that @fakhar_majid mentioned

Its all the ■■■■ tax we pay!

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So it would cost $70 shipping from Pakistan?

Would you pay $70 to have a wedding photo album shipped from Pakistan?

Do you have Walmarts in your country?

I had something shipped from China to the US and it cost $5.

I agree. It does cost quite a bit to get stuff from Canada - I had to pay about the same for shipping for a pattern I bought on Etsy as I did for the pattern itself!


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I dont know what it would cost to ship from Pakistan, Im talking from Canada to wherever it costs an arm and a leg
Yes we have Walmarts in Canada

Thanks for the everyone for wonderful suggestions and i respect them. Specially thanks to @miiila who suggest me to talk to CS and give me the right direction. My matter is solved. Thanks

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