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How I can visit buyer profile?

Everyday lots of buyer request we got but many of them are fake.So that my question is how a seller can visit buyer profile or contact with buyer for more info before send request (seller can send 10 request/day) .


When you use your phone by sendingbuyer req you can find buyer’s name there. After you can visit his profile for check to be sure. But from the pc I have no idea. Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Even when you know the buyer’s username (eg. by seeing it in the app or through a way in the browser version) you aren’t allowed to send them a message before sending an offer. ie. you can’t contact a buyer you haven’t contacted before without permission as you could get flagged as spam. Also you wouldn’t be able to anyway unless they were also a seller.


Thank you sir.It will help me a lot in my freelancing career.

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