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How I can withdraw money through banktransfer


Hi… Just for Pakistani users
Please help me… How I can withdraw money through local bank. Is there any bank in Pakistan which I can connect through fiverr account and get money in my bank account, or this option is just for selective foreign countries???


You’re a level two seller, and yet you dunno how to withdraw fiverr’s money? Weird! Well, okay, let’s get cut to the chase do you have account in any bank of Pakistan? If yes, then you can simply transfer it to your bank. Go to fiverr setting, and choose the option bank transfer, put your account number etc, and when you have at least $60 in your fiverr account, you can transfer it to your bank, or may be more than $60. I think there are $20 charges per transfer to a local bank in pakistan.

Alternatively, do not you have payoneer master card, you can simply withdraw from MCB, they deduct 200RS per transaction.


Rehmat laal said what I want to say…


thanks rehmat laal… I just want to know about deduction to withdraw through bank, because I was using paypal before this


Is paypal is working in Pakistan adnan…


Rehmat Lal … are you sure the deduction per transaction via bank account is PKR 2000?


hello pakistanio. how to use paypal inn pakistan ?


Payoneer is the best option


Hi to all Pakistani friends.
Paypal isn’t working in Pakistan and Payoneer is your best option.
You can withdraw 20,000Rs per transition. 200Rs ATM fee. You can do this 5 time. Which means you can withdraw 100,000 per day
if you deposit fiverr to Payoneer. Payoneer will charge 1$ (it will take 3days to transfer the money and $3 for quick deposit in 3hrs)
I checked everything twice and if i still wrong then sorry in advance.
If you have any question please do ask.


I’m using my friend’s paypal account, he live’s in UK and he send money through western union.