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How I Created an SEO Friendly GIG?

Finally, I’m back with another gig after a year. ( Part-1) :grinning:

And I’ve put all my knowledge to create this search engine Friendly GIG! :100:

How I did this? :interrobang:

:white_check_mark: **Step1.
TITLE: Choose a good title for your gig, Title is most important for your gig to get into search results. Keep it minimum, Don’t use too long Title! Follow other’s Gig Title to get an idea but don’t copy!

:white_check_mark: Step 2.
TAGS: Tags are very important for search results. Fiverr show search result based on your gig’s tags. You need to do a good Research for selecting tags for your gig. you can follow other’s gig’s tags as well to get an idea.

:white_check_mark: Step3.
OFF-PAGE SEO: Off-page SEO is a type of SEO. Don’t use Your Gig image name Like Default.png/ Img2020.jpg! Use Your Gig Image name the same or close as Your Gig Title name! It will help you to find your Gig on search Result.

You Can Follow my gig to Better Understand! :green_circle:

That’s all for today, I hope this will be helpful for New Freelancers. You can also suggest me some tips if you have. Thank you!


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