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How I delete My Custom Offer Please help me

My name Is Qasim. I have a Problem that I have generate a Custom offer 1 week ago But now I want to
Remove the offer . But i don’t know what i do .
Please Help in this Problem.

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Hi Quasim.

If you sent the offer in the normal messages box when talking to a customer, you just need to scroll back to the offer and click the “Withdraw Offer” button.

If you’re talking about an offer you sent to a request in the Buyer Request section, I have bad news, you can’t and, while it probably won’t happen, the person you sent it to could accept it at any time.

(It’s also a good idea, for the next time, to choose an “Expiry date”, available from the drop-down when you create the offer, but, again, that only works for the offers sent from inbox, not for BR, unfortunately.)

Hi ,
I Generate custom offer form Promote Yourself Section now i want to remove from there.