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How I do with this buyer?

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I don’t understand your question. Are you asking how you should respond to this buyer? Are you asking what to do when someone gives you a 1-star review?

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No, The buyer say me “get working with you. thank you” Why this rating?

I don’t know. You will have to ask your client why he/she rated you as he/she did. None of us have access to the inner thoughts of your client.

I will remind you, though – as the Fiverr Terms of Service state – buyers are encouraged to rate their experiences with their sellers however they wish. You are not guaranteed a 5-star review, just as there is nothing wrong with a buyer leaving a 1-star review.


Maybe the buyer thinks one star is a good review and five stars is bad?

You need to ask them why they rated you that way.

This review feels
You did not work to satisfy the employer
Ask your buyer for a mistake