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How I earn Gigs Impretions

I am new here,I wants to promote my gigs but I share my gigs on social media site.
but Views are going up only, impression going down.
My question how I increase my impression on my gigs?


To get more impressions you need SEO friendly contents and I see you have lots of errors in your English. So you should improve your English skills. Make sure your gig contents are error-free.

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hello, i send you one message, please, check it if you have time.


Just a reminder: Contacting people without invitation can get you flagged for spam.

There is many topic about it … kindly read them.

where bro?I am not see your msg

Share on social media and forums.

Are you serious? I just told my opinion? I gave me flag?

I ask you that can i share my gigs on forum also?

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That was a reply to the post above mine. @raqebulhassan stated “i send you one message”
That is what I was cautioning against.

yes you can share your gig on fiverr forum

same problem with me

marketing different social media, active your fiverr profile always