How I experienced my first five months as a Seller


Hi there

I’m not going to write an extensive introduction.

My name is Arnaud and I’ve been offering translation services (Dutch-English) for a couple of months now.

Apart from that, I’m a student at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, studying Economic Sciences.

At first I was quite… wary when I visited Fiverr for the first time. I decided to create an account… because why not? At least you can try. I’d seen many more of these freelance websites on the internet, but none of them seemed to be working for me.

About one week later I received my first order. I was excited, and within a month I grew a steady stream of customers.

Right now I weekly upload content for two websites (WordPress) and do a couple of orders per week.

I’m not earning huge piles of money, but enough to afford gasoline for my scooter + other expenses, without being dependent on my parents. And also enough to save up some money each month.

When I started working the USD-EUR conversion rate was around 0.70. Now it’s around 0.90. Although I’m still working for a lower price I normally would earn (working in a local business as a student), the drop of the euro and the increasing currency value of the dollar have had a big impact on my profits.

I’m hoping there are others out there which are also benefiting of Fiverr as way of income to support your life as a student.

Kind regards


i also heard about fiverr a lot and hoping its also beneficial for me as a way of income (:expressionless:


Reply to @muneebaslam: I’m sure it will work out for you if you try your best.


Good Luck