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How I feel about Fiverr? Compared to other freelancing site

To all those of you! I did research just everyone says! There are mix of sellers with low and high reviews. Before 2018, I didn’t see this but this year 2018, I do see these changes and they are really FAIR on placing each sellers in the front of page or each rows at least!

3 things I love about Fiverr is that,

  1. They’ve got well-organised customer support team. Customer service is VERY FAST, they ensure you that your case is taken care of, and they do care about the sellers and buyers. Whenever I have got questions, they respond me really quick with a warm customer service.

  2. They don’t kick you out because you don’t get any orders! I had experiences using another site “Upxxx”, I submitted my full portfolio, applied for hundreds of jobs, but eventually, I didn’t hear anything back from there, and they banned me because I wasn’t getting any sales at all.

  3. You can change review if you gave or write it wrong! I was using the iPhone to rate my buying order experiences. I wasn’t intend to click on 3.7 review but since the phone screen was small, I made a mistake… After I contacted the customer support, they immediately get back to me and helped me to get sellers to deliver me a modification request! Overall, I am pretty happy about their customer service team!

ONE thing that I would suggest Fiverr should do is open a new option of giving UPFRONT to sellers when buyer pays,

Why would I suggest this?

REASON: Because I had experiences that I completed an order and buyer request to cancel the order once I delivered it so I don’t get the chance to get the money! To protect the seller, this is one of the option that can be used, if the buyer cancel, the upfront belongs to the sellers. This way we don’t do FREE WORKS and gets NO MONEY eventually!


I think this is your misconception because I saw may people under 1K review even under 100 review and it will change time to time according to their optimization. In fact these are combine like 1 or 2 in a row in every category. But for this, all you need to improve your keywords, this is not only about who have more review to get 1st page rank, you need to optimize your keywords, your gig and do research. All the best!


Really complex thing…Aside from you are right but the thing is new sellers need to show off their ability and talent and also need to promote themselves.


That’s exactly how it works :wink:
Newbies get a chance to be at top of the list at some point. Right now it’s not your turn.

Here’s the front page for Voice Over gigs
You have a gig that has only 3 reviews and you even have a gig with 4.6 rating. It’s a mix of everything.


Yes, that’s much easier than earning your position.


I thought that the ranking were changed quite regularly. Fiverr understands they need new quality sellers all the time, so they give exposure to new sellers too.


It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make anyone successful. YOU have to do that on your own with hard work. No one deserves special treatment on Fiverr just because they host gigs here, and new sellers most definitely do not deserve top billing just because they want it.

EARN your sales through hard work and good marketing. Business is not easy, and it requires research, content writing, customer analysis, etc. Don’t expect Fiverr to make you famous, because that’s not their job.

You can work hard to earn your sales and get ahead of your competition, or you can sit back and complain that life isn’t fair. The choice is yours. Personally, I’m getting tired of the “it’s not fair” routine. No one owes you anything. Earn it on your own merits. That’s how the world works.


It is not like that at all. I see It is related to positive reviews, cancellation ration, response rate, and the number of sales.
Plus, you don’t need to be on the first page to get orders do you?

Just keep the hard work and you will get there :wink:


Stop being an entitled brat maybe? I started the same way as you and had to work hard…real hard. I understand it can be frustrating but I can guarantee you that Fiverr today is way more friendly towards new users.


Be like a buyer.

Then you will get many orders


Ranking a gig is such a tough thing I’ve ever noticed. It’s all about luck in my opinion. Best of luck!


It’s totally wrong concept you are getting because fiverr always give chance newbie to boost up and the seller whose have 1k reviews.they are getting orders so that’s why they have the good position and when you will get daily orders your GIG will be up


It’s better if new sellers get more opportunities to enter to the field.

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Unfair is having 1,448 reviews and seeing 1K. Do I need 2,000 reviews to see 2K? Is that how it works now?

Everyone gets a chance on Fiverr. I’ve seen people with no reviews on the first row. People can also search for level 1 workers, many do because they’re cheaper and willing to do more.

Besides, I searched “chinese vo” and got no results, then I searched “Chinese voiceover” and got 24 results.

“American voiceover” gets 149 results. So you have a lot less competition than other VO artists.


Deleted as the OP changed the original post so none of my response makes any sense now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yesterday there was someone with ten reviews on the first page, top line, while my similar gig with over 700 reviews was on the second line. I see this all the time.

Fiverr does give this chance to newer sellers, a lot. From my point of view, as someone who makes a lot more high priced sales on fiverr, to put someone unproven on the top row isn’t fair. But they move gigs around a lot.

There was a time not too long ago when I saw the same gigs that NEVER got a sale with only about 5 reviews on the top row of the first page for months. Thankfully that has changed.

Now it seems that fiverr rewards the gigs that do the most orders which earn the most. I think that’s fair, and more rewarding for fiverr also.

I see a good mix of all sorts of gigs from newbies and old timers too on the first page now.


What are you talking about? I’ve been buried in searches below the pile of 7 - 30 reviews Gigs for around a month now.

I don’t mind it however. I remember being on top 2 rows of search results on two of my main keywords 1 - 2 months after starting to Sell here on Fiverr, despite other Sellers having much more reviews than me but having their Gigs positioned lower.

I’ve worked hard here for almost 4 years, saved 95% of it, bought a house, and am finally able not to get too fuzzed up about my position in the search results.

However, as I recall it, not once when my main Gigs fell to 2nd or even 3rd page did I make a Forum post complaining about Fiverr’s system - I researched about the best tags, changed Gig descriptions and titles, added new elements, improved images and usually got a great result being propelled to first spots again.

It’s all extremely fair and I’m more than glad that some newbie who was like, “Hey, maybe I could make a profile on this cool website I came across, offer my Writing services and make a buck or two doing it.” Suddenly, they find themselves being able to support themselves for years out of their passion. I don’t know about many other “marketplaces” that have as fair ranking system as Fiverr does.

Newbies truly DO get a chance. All they have to do is take it and persevere.

As someone who has been on dozens of other online marketplaces, I can assure you the exact opposite. When it comes to being valued solely based on your skill, getting a fair opportunity to grow and having your previous work experience, education and similar disregarded while only being evaluated based on your skill - Fiverr is one of the best around.


I couldn’t have said it better. Fiverr gives those who are truly skilled an amazing chance to reap the rewards. Only if you have zero skill or anything anyone wants will you not do well here.

For someone skillful with a good ability to communicate, the sky is the limit.


I am a newish seller and I have 30 reviews and I was in the third row of the first page yesterday in my category! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You are doing great Vickie! Fiverr is rewarding you.