How I Found Out About Fiverr


I knew about Fiverr from 2014 by my college school friend asking me to help him make a video for a gig on Fiverr. I thought that was so cool so I signed up then came off because I thought to myself that there wasn’t anything that I could offer. However in 2018, looking for a side hustle I decided to rejoin. I signed up last month and I am currently on my fourth order now. What’s your story?


Well I always wanted to do something I love and also gives me freedom of work and environment. I heard about fiverr about as same time as you and I mostly did local work before joining here so now I am trying to build myself up here and be a “Top Rated” seller someday :smiley:


I found about Fiverr by myself. I was looking for websites where I can get paid for my talent.


Well I was looking for freelance work, looking for different platforms… My brother showed me fiverr in 2015 and so I registered but started working here in 2017.


I legit read about Fiverr in a news article… It was not even an advertisement. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A friend who knew i write asked me to try Fiverr out. I did and I’ve been on it since 2017.


I was bored with watching movies on my PC and decided to do something beneficial with it. I searched for freelance websites on google and came across Fiverr. Been here for almost a year now. :smiley: