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How i gate an order?

Hi dear friends
i wants to work but i don’t know how i gate order this is my link please check it!


welcome to fiverr…
send buyer requests daily…
share your gig on social media…
hope you’ll get your first order soon…


I check your gig it requires some changes, bro, like description, tags, and title too…

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Bilal bhai kse bhaijon buyer request koai tarika?

how dear what i change in my gigs? tel me i will do that?

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more pe click kr k…

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more kis jaga likha h dear, mind na krain to screen shot bhaij skte hn?

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ye dekho bhaai…

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meine data entry wala gig dekha tumhara uska title hi galat haai…

or tag mein bhi masla haai…

dear mere pass to aese option nhn a rhy hn ye dkhain?

hojaega show wait…

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kse dear please m request send krna chahta hn dear

dobara se sign in kro logout kr k…

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again kya h nhn howa ab b ye dkhain

three horizontal lines pe click karo wahan haai…

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You need to recognise that your level of English needs improving.

One gig title states: 'I will best work on of data entry as you want. This makes no sense.

The description for the same gig states: ‘I will do any type of Data entry for you. You have to trust me onetime.I will never break your heart’.

I don’t have to trust you ‘one time’ and because we’re not in a relationship, you won’t break my heart.

This is an English language based website. Unless you can communicate effectively in English, then the majority of people are not going to order from you.

To everyone who is saying send ‘buyer requests’. Why? If the op can’t communicate effectively on his own profile and gig (when he has had days and weeks to ensure it is accurate), then what chance does he have when responding to buyer requests?


hi how are you thanks for help will change it Sir.

Hi. I mean the following in a friendly way :slight_smile:

I’m not going to correct your use of English, only because it will set a false expectation for any potential buyer.

If I did help you create a word perfect gig, then then moment a buyer tries to communicate with you (especially once they’ve paid their money), they will see that your English is not at the same level. It would be unfair to a potential buyer.

I’m sorry but I really do wish you all the best.

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ok Sir thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: