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How i get 1st job on fiverr?

Hello everyone! i am new on fiver marketplace. recently i created a gig on fiverr…But still, now I didn’t get any order. Please suggest me how to get an order 1st time on Fiverr
thank you


You can ask your family/friends to buy something from you, when you do any kind of works for them. Instead of paying directly to you, you could enforce them to use Fiverr. Its just an idea for you to quickly get work here in fiverr lol

TOS Strictly say you can’t accept payments directly to you when the client comes from Fiverr. But you can do the opposite. When you’ve outside clients, you can bring them to fiverr. :wink:

thank you brother for your information

Welcome. Check this out for how to get your first order:
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for help me…It’s very pleasure to me.

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Btw, I saw your gigs and you just have 1 gig, and that kind of gig, there are more then 50.000 gigs like that. So you’re playing a lottery here. You need more creativity, think on something that maybe just you are able to do it. Make some searches and see if there arent many sellers doing the same, or no sellers at all. And create a gig for that! Because I dont see you getting orders for that gig. (it would be a matter of luck, and you dont want that, so write your own luck.) It can be a silly/stupid thing you may do, but even that get a lof of sells when its unique and well performed.

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yes brother you right.but i joined fiver only some day…i will try to improve my gig & try to increase my gig.
how much gig i need to created?? please suggest me