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How I get back my first page rank?

Hi guys,

How are you? I hope you are well by the grace of almighty. I am getting in big trouble. I am complete my first 4 orders with high quality. My gigs are also the first page. Suddenly I got a fake order. I don’t know how to finish this task. It’s or we are both mutually cancel this order. After 2 days I lost my first-page rank and I don’t get my gig in searching.

Now please help me to what should I do now?
It’s very helpful to me.



Try reporting the buyer, as there is almost nothing you can do accept wait.

If there’s something in the chat or in the buyer’s order which clearly shows it’s fake/against ToS, report it, because Support will see who’s the wrongdoer. If there’s any harm done to your rating due to the cancellation, it should be reverted by CS.

This is luckily just a coincidence, the algorithm is rotating gigs due to a huge influx of new sellers.

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