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How i get Fiverr choice feature in my gig


hello, every one i wan to know about fiverr choice. please tell me about fiverr choice how i do that.


Just type" fiverrs choice" in the search bar above and you will find lots of posts on the subject.


Thanks for ur reply but i want to get fiverr choice feature in my gig if u know any way please send me ur opinion , i am a experienced logo design provider


As with most things Fiverr, I don’t think that’s up to you. Fiverr might decide to pick you, or they might not. No use in losing thought over it :wink:


Thanks for your answer if u need any design service please inbox me


Well, that wasn’t the direction I was expecting this thread to go in.

Also, the always-relevant:


LOL! :rofl:


sorry :sunglasses:
and thanks again for ur advice


No prob dude :sunglasses: