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How i get job in fiverr :'(

i dont get buyyers


Use up your 10 daily buyer requests EVERY DAY! It really helps, at least half of my buyers have come from there. & When you do respond to them, have a think about what they’re looking for and respond to them, perhaps even throw a few ideas their way for the work they need doing. Something so they know you have considered the task and you are capable.

You tell people to skype you in your first gig photo. That is not allowed on Fiverr, it is against the terms of use to do that. If you have to skype as part of the gig itself like a coaching session, then you ca contact Fiverr and they will let you do that, but only after you get paid for the gig first.

Also, Fiverr is not a “job”, it is a freelancing type of site, so you have to promote your gigs yourself a little bit, plus you need to make sure that what you are selling is in demand too. YOu say you can write a script to extra data from any website, well is that for good things? Or is that so scammers can use it? I think you need to give some positive examples of how that could be used.

I think you need a better profile description also, as yours does not make any sense, it doesn’t say who you are, your education or experience.

I would suggest you go read other gigs that are similar to what you are selling and are high rated gigs and pay attention to how they write their gig, their profile and the kind of photos they use to help sell things.

thnkx buddy sincer18 :slight_smile: