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How i get maximum buyers on my gig

how i get maximum buyers :confused:

If it was that easy this forum would be empty.

You’ve not been here long. Just keep offering a good service, clients will come. During my first month on Fiverr I got an order every few days. Now I get 10+ a day. Provide a great service, and be patient. You can’t rush good things. :slight_smile:

During my first few weeks here on Fiverr I also got an order every few days… 3 years later now with 11 gigs, hundreds of orders completed, 5 star rating, a load of excellent comments and some external promotion I am still getting just an order every few days.

To me, none of this makes sense… So, I suggest as Sara does, just keep providing quality service and hope for the best.

I wouldn’t offer logos on 2 different gigs unless I am missing something that is different about it. This will split your orders up. I have found that you need about 100 finished orders on a single gig to get it off the ground. you will have about 60 reviews.

Acceleration happens with these elements:

Awesome gig thumbnails - Make people want to click and read.

Great intro video

Incredible deal compared to the competition

Faster delivery than the competition.

You will be able to change your offer after you get a base of positive reviews.

You will have different offers and different gigs 60 days from now and that will also make a big difference. It took about 100 deliveries on my whiteboard gig to figure out how to make it work for me. I changed my offer and my gig video about 4 times before it was right for me.

Fiverr is a journey and it’s 80% personal development. Enjoy the process!

I always check my gigs, correct the issues, upload new images, and also answer buyer requests. I promote my gigs on twitter.

Try to keep in touch with buyers and deliver high quality services. They will trust you and order again if they have some work again.

No matter what give your delivery before deadline with quality work :slight_smile:

lots of wisdom to sap from these comments. am new on fiverr cant wait till i get queue from buyers…

My first couple weeks I had about 2 gigs total. Now it is 2-1/2 months later and I have completed over 100 gigs with an average selling price of $23.

It will come.

I’m really posting because I want to see if I still have the darn cow on my avatar, instead of the Level 2 symbol that should be there!


Hey, what do ya know!