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How i get more clicks and views in my gigs?

Hello Everybody…
Hope you guys are fantastic…
My gig impression, views, click getting down. What can i do now. Please suggest me some idea to keep and grow my gig rank.


hello, @deltadesignz hope you are doing well. You gig impression, views, click getting down that mean people are not viewing your gig or clicking your gig. You should improve your gig like you can update your gig and also do some marketing. and continue to send buyer requests. hope it will be fine. best of luck

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clicks an views doesn’t represent the ranking. You can use social medias to gain views but the main thing is to make specific keyword which has less competitors.

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Thank you…But i also hear that editing gig is not good for ranking

If you type "rank my gig " in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject offering solutions you might like to try.

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