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How i get my 1st order

I started fiverr Design logo and Business cards on 13-jan-2020.
I had no clue how I would be taking it forward, but I knew I’ll somehow learn.
I created a profile on Fiverr gigs. Didn’t get anything.
Built a solid profile on Upwork. Wasn’t even approved after trying like 30 to 40 times. Now, you think you’ve done enough?
So, what did I do next?
I tried the better and targeted more ways.

Lets Suppose you’re new on Fiverr . You’ll spend hours sending Buyer Request and typing in new proposals upon relevant jobs. And if you’re not on the premium plan, you’ll only have limited number of buyer request to send per day i.e. 10 buyer requests a day.
it was very difficult for me to select only 10 buyer request, more then one thousands peoples came and send buyer’s request because they are always finding the right person who can fulfill their job’s. Luckily one night i send a buyer request and within two minutes i get the response by the buyer who’s name was “B*****a”. He told me that he has a job for me but first he wants to ask some question and that’s how our conversation started and it’s took me more then 20 minutes to convince him that I’m the right person for this job. My gig price was only 5$ but the buyer give me 50$ order and it was like 250$ for my first job on fiverr, i started with the order and fulfilled it within agreed timelines. The buyer adored my services and gave me a thump-up in the terms of a Positive review.
From that day onward i have successfully delivered 40 orders with still 5 in que, maintaining a great portfolio of almost 35 “ALL STAR” reviews.
I’m very much positive is delivering more and more projects with lots of great feedbacks and reordering clients.


I don’t think lying is against the Forum Rules, but it should be. Not to be rude, but what’s even the point of this post? Is this some fantasy of how you imagine your success starting or just an attempt to be active on the forum in the hopes of getting buyers, or…? I’d love it if you enlightened me on it.

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What you choose to do on other freelance sites has no bearing on your success here, on Fiverr.

Fiverr does not have a “premium plan” (Fiver Pro notwithstanding – which you are not part of).

This confuses me, because you have no gigs, and no listed seller reviews. You have also not delivered any work in more than a year.

Once again, this is not what your Fiverr account reflects.

Did this happen on another account? If so, it is against Fiverr’s rules to have more than one account.