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How i get my first customer

how i get my first customer


you have total of 5m read time on forum…


I made gigs with different functions. for example tattoo and illustration. so when someone visite my profile, they will definitely see other gigs. And good luck


Thank You I hope it will work

I don’t come here much

Can you answer me this please.

Do you really, but really think you are the only and first person in history of time in this and all universes who came on forum and asked How to get customers?

Because there is like 1 billion gazillion topics on forum with answers to that question exactly.

You have to read.


Well i joined to fiver 27 days ago and shared my gig link in about 3 facebook groups and all what did i get is a message from a spammer

sorry for this question madam. can you pls explain what is the meaning of 5m ? maybe 5 month is it?

5 months??? Are you for real? 5 minutes, you click on someones profile and it shows you how much time he/she spent reading forum.

I am also hoping to get my first client.

You can read this and then apply all the recommendations to get customers, and ask again if you have more questions:


Search here on the forum, you will find many topics about that, including this one : Boost and tips for new sellers