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How I get My First order Fiverr. Please help Me

Hello there,
I joined Fiverr in 8 month ago. I create 2 gigs but I don’t get any order and any massage .Please help me. Cheek my Profile and gig. Tell me what my mistake and give me advice.
MY Profile Link…


Your pricing and description is not clear at all, you offer 100 different custom Tshirts design in PSD files for 10$? Is that correct?

Completely custom with commercial rights, no copies?


Try to develop your gig description. And share your gigs in various platform

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I will try it. Thank You…!

Hi billa511,

I reviewed your gig and there’s 2 things that I think you could improve to make your gig look more professional in order to get more messages:

-After you write ‘‘Thank you’’ you always put ‘’…’’ I would remove that as it’s not needed.
-I would replace

‘‘You are looking for awesome t shirt , eye-catching t shirt typography t shirt, and teespring , amazon, pod business create t shirt designer ??? tank top you came into the right place. knock me any time.’’


‘‘Are you looking for an awesome eye-catching t-shirt design with amazing typography to use on Teespring, Amazon or for your Print-On-Demand business? Well look no more, you came to the right place!’’

I hope this help you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much…!