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How I get my first order in Fiverr

I was created my account on November’20. I was got my first client on March’21. Also, note that I was published my first gig in February’21.
Last 3 months I was completed my 10th job with a 5-star review.
What I was doing?
Here are the most important things in your online activities.

  1. Active online 24/7. As much as possible.
  2. Send buyer request 10 in a day.
    Send buyer request with the appropriate requirements. What is the want of a buyer I just shortly describe how much and how I will do this?
    For buyer request tips I will publish another topic if you want.
  3. Gig marketing…
    One of the more important things is gig marketing on various social media.
  4. The most and more import things are
    4.a. I am a very patient person.
    4.b. Developing my skills every day in a modern way.
    4.c. I want to know the various way to complete my desire task.
  5. Replay my client’s text as early as possible( Most probably in 10 minutes)

The last word of freelancing is
:relaxed: Patients
:relaxed: Skill development
:relaxed: luck.
Thanks for reading.
Best of luck.


Thank you so much brother
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You are welcome Brother


Your suggestion will show me the way as a torch of light in the darkness.

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Best of luck. Try to bring something new & wants to help you.

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Thanks for your valuable information

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You are welcome. Best of luck

Thank you so much brother

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You are welcome. Happy Freelancing.

Great guidance for the newcomers. Good luck bro

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Thank you. Good luck to you.

Thank you so much… Best of luck

A great suggestion to getting an order on Fiverr. Thank you so much :slight_smile: