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How I get my gig boosted

Hi I am Shahidullah

New in fiverr made only one gig. I couldn’t find my gigs in any of the pages. Can anyone give me any idea how may I boost my gig.
Best regards,




That’s probably because you are a new seller with no sales yet. Don’t worry about where your gigs rank just yet. Focus on creating the best gig(s) you possibly can and advertise them to your target audience. It might also help to keep an eye out for the buyer requests.

Once you start getting orders and reviews, your gig’s rank will automatically improve over time.

Gig boost on market demand and your skill.
Best of luck.


Hi Hansuber16,

Can you pls check my first gig on Wordpress and advise if any shortage or flaws there or not.
Hope to become very skillful fiverr seller one day. Off course with the help of you guys.



I think you need to research others gig…
just wit 48 hours . I hope you will see your gig…Best of luck

need more and more social sharing

It looks nice. You could go through your gig description once again and correct grammatical and spelling errors. There is also a typo in your primary gig image (“resivisions” should be revisions).

Good luck!

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Dear Hanshuber16

Thank you very much for your nice advice.

I will definitely correct all the flaws. and hope the gig comes to the first page. For that share to all the social media pages will help I think

Best regards


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