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How I get my money back

Hi …I am new to Fiverr, I have a question about an order I placed with a graphic designer the order was to put together an ad for my business and I provided all the text and pictures…very easy job I even provided a sample on how the ad need it to look even the person that was going to do the job mentioned how easy will be to do it …now its been 5 days and I have received nothing…I write to her and she does not answer back.

what is the procedure to file a claim and get my money back ?


That depends. Has the countdown clock on the order run out or is it still counting down? What does the clock display?

Edit on April 12: Without more info on the real deadline and details it would be guesswork to answer. I’ve been watching for a reply since the 9th but you seem to have gone. Moving on. Good luck!