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How I get order and Improve My gig


I am new in Fiverr. I joined Week But I still have not got any orders at this moment. Could anybody helps me out how to improve my gig.
Thank you.


A quick look at your profile and gigs convey two things to me:

  1. Improve the profile and gig writeup, fix language errors.

  2. Since your MBA doesn’t add to what you are offering here, you better add some relevant certification or diploma instead, in academic qualiffications.

Please note that flawless english is an advantage while responding to Buyer Requests or their enquiries.


Thank you so much for your advice.


You’re welcome! Fiverr offers many resources, using which you can improve your gigs and get orders.

All the best to you.


I waited one month to get my first order, so one week I don’t think it’s that much. :slight_smile:
Try to improve your gig and profile description. Make it simple, easy to read and short. My first order was from a buyer request, so try to send as many buyers requests as you can. Also, when you send one don’t make it like" Hey, I make banners! contact me" try to make it more complex. That’s what helped me to get where I am now in a pretty short time. Hope this will help you!
Good luck with your gig!


Thank you so much for your great advice. :slight_smile:


Don’t offer money back guarantees or unlimited revisions. you look like an amateur. 3 revisions is fine.

Don’t say you’ll do a logo design in 6 hours in your gig description but you have to pay extra for that. That’s kind of dishonest.

If I were you I would offer 24 hour turnaround until you get a few orders and reviews and get rid of the 6 hour thing.

you should include the source file in your standard package.

You should correct some of the English errors that can lead to misunderstandings. Get a copywriter to check it maybe.

i can’t see your gig extras with the 6 hour thing? Are they turned off?


Hi, I’m a graphics designer,
Please Check my gig-


Welcome to Fiverr. Read the forum for tips and take heed of the tips provided by the previous contributors. Check out the Fiverr Academy for lots of useful information. Also you need to be patient. Some new sellers take months to get their first sale. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: