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How I get order if I cannot orderd from one year

Hi, I am not new on fiver and not old also .
Actually I don’t get any order from almost 1 year from my last order which was not ranked good .
It’s just take work from me and give me negative review .
How I can increase review and get order .
Even I cannot send any buyer requst too

Please visit my gig and tell me what I do

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I have moved this to Improve My Gig as you are allowed to post a Fiverr link to your profile or gig in this category.

Just use the little edit pen at the bottom and add the link to your post above.

When I go on your profile I read that you’re a graphic designer, but two of your gigs are about ‘giving advice to people’ and ‘motivation’. If I were a buyer, why would I buy this kind of gigs from someone who isn’t a life coach or a professional in that field? Also, I’m afraid there’s no market for those services on Fiverr and it makes you sound a little desperate to get orders.

I would stick to what you can do better and make good gigs about that. For example, your graphic design gig package says “I will give u best designs”. This doesn’t make me want to buy from you because it’s not even proper English. Think about improving your most important gigs. You can look at what the top sellers in your category are doing and take inspiration, if you don’t know where to start.

You should only sell what you’re best at.

Best of luck x


i think its all about quality with professional work.please make your gig more professional.keep patience and work hard…Best of luck :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hi Thanks for your advice yes I am a graphic designer and I had 2 give about advice’s I made that because also I can do this am I took wrong decision to make that gig

And there are services of advice’s.
And anything wrong in making different gig.
Because I can do translate too soo😔

I have done some changes on it and my profile can it’s work now

No offence is meant by this, but you should really look at improving your English. Your poor written English with really hold you back on Fiverr as a predominantly English language platform.

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