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How I get Order in Fiverr easily

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do gig marketing and try to be active always on fiverr send buyer request before the all competitor

Hi sir,
Just create an attractive profile and the services that the users actually looking for. And the services that you have listed dosen’t actually the people looking for. If you know Photoshop wisely then go for Logo design, Book Covers, T-shirts designs and Youtube Thumbnails etc. These services won’t be converted I think cos all such things users can do themself. Be creative and offer unique services. Regards

Try stay active. Try to send 10 buyer request regular. Share your gig on social media.

It has been 4 months since I opened the account. And I am always active. I also sent regular buyer requests but got no response. Is there any other way.

I cant find the buyers request options can someone help me with that?

Hey, @jahangirislam77
There is no easy way to get success. Be patience. You can modify your gig. You can research others gig who are already success in fiver so that you can create a perfect gig. A perfect gig can help you to get order soon.