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How I get order without buyer request?

I can’t send buyer request for low rating. Everyday share my gate various social media. But no order In this situation how can I get order?


It’s a tough answer, but i just suggest you just post and share your gig on your gig related area and gig related hashtag on social media, i hope you can understand what i wanna say, on the other hand you can help few people on comment and gain trust on social media about your service, i hope you will get your client,

Just do it with passionately

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Technically if you want to receive order without buyer request, first you have to put buyer request!!! I know its kinda contradicting but that’s the fact. As a new member at fiverr, or No Level member, you have to relay on buyer request.
I hope this helps.


thnaks for you suggest

If you want to get sales with social media, learn how that actually happens.

Posting your gig on social media is not what gets sales. Sellers just assume it does but that isn’t based on reality.

There are thousands of articles online about how to generate business on social media. Don’t you think you should read them?


Why don’t you start first by understanding how you got a low rating? Understanding that will help you do a much better job, hopefully, next time and thus improve your rating and clients’ confidence.

Then look also at how you can improve your gigs, description, offers, pricing, value proposition. And keep looking for clients who would value your service and who need it, on your social media, on forums/ groups, etc.

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Thanks for your nice comment. When I finished my first order my client was very happy and he ensure me contact soon more work and tip me.

I was shocked when she was ratting me. Review is average but rating is very poor.

I have a question if he was not satisfied why he tip me and want to next project with me.

my suggest for you. you should be continue daily share your gig and you should blog comment others blog site. i hope at a time you can get order.