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How i get orders to increase my knowldge

i am new on the track of fiver try again and again to get some orders
but still hopeful in waiting for orders. some one please help me in this regards
thanks in advance

I gone through your profile and comes out with the big mistake that you have many spelling and grammatical mistakes on the gig title…Keywords are the most important factor and you put the main keyword of your gig spelling wrong…try to improve you gig title and do not use “ow sm” like such words on your gig title…its not a chat session of social media…keep that in mind.

@divyagoel agree with you…
and Hamza also see buyers request daily…

your gigs are poorly written. improve your gig’s text

Contact some one who can help you improving grammatical mistake. I do not this this would be perfect if you do not improve yourself.

Don’t write blog posts. You are incapable of writing a coherent sentence. Maybe you can photoshop better, or maybe you’re just as bad at that. This is the impression you give. Go back to school and learn better English and work on developing an actual skill that you can sell. Right now, I’d be amazed if anyone ordered off you, and I would expect them to have equally bad English, which means terrible communication, which means bad reviews, which means bye-bye.

Your whole profile sucks. That’s the simple truth.

Hi Hamza, nice to meet you!

I must tell you the truth. You cannot write English. I feel that since you asked, I must tell you. I hope you understand. Writing is not something you should be doing.