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How I get paid?

How I get paid ?

Where I need to fill back account / Paypal ?

you can withdrow your money after complete the clearence :slight_smile:

go to settings > Account Settings

You can use pay pal or can get payoneer card using your fiverr Account :slight_smile:

Reply to @zimron89: Do you have a payoneer? I’m reluctant because I like earning rewards with my Amazon card and then use my fiver earnings to pay that card. I think payoneer has too many fees. I also want to know if it works like a debit card. If I have $100 on my Paynooner card and buy something worth $150, will the clerk tell me I owe him $50? Or will I overdraft?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think you can’t overdraft, you can only spend as much as you have on the card.

Please go to My sales then to Revenues Page. There two option getting paid.

  1. Fiverr Revenue Card
  2. Paypal