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How I get sales from Reddit

So yeah, I’ve been getting a few sales from reddit. It’s a really great platform for leads.

I mainly talk in entrepreneurial subs and start-up ones where business owners congregate.

All I do is offer advice on copywriting and people can see from my profile and post history that I’m a copywriter. I’ll also post up my copy and analyse it and stuff to show how good I am at it.

I have gotten quite a few direct messages from business owners this way looking for a copywriter.

It really works. Just don’t directly ask people for sales. Provide value, make your skills known and let them come to you. Genuinely contribute to discussions and build a reputation. It’s a long game.


Wow! That’s really great. I will try it out.

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And now you pushed a lot of unqualified writers to Reddit :slight_smile: :rofl: :rofl:


Damn why do I try to help people. I should have kept it a secret to keep all the leads to myself :sweat_smile: