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How I get some sales using buyer request?


I started Fiverr at 3 days ago. I created 3 gigs for logo design and i send buyer requests.
But I have not received any message from buyers and any order. But Gigs has Views and clicks.
Then guys, If you have some idea for Rank-up my gig?
King Regards!


You can’t use buyer request to advertise your gigs, your account might get banned and buyers won’t even see it.

You can advertise your gig at the My Fiverr Gig section or in social media accounts.




When you reply to a Buyer Request and submit an offer, your Gig link is automatically attached to your offer by Fiverr. I ask the Buyer to view my Gig so he/she can see what I have to offer. If they’re interested, they will contact you in your Inbox, or order your gig.


Really? most of the buyer requests are people advertising their GIG and Fiverr is doing nothing to ban them


Oh deer, you’re wrong


Here’s a tip, actually READ the FAQ & TOS, you’d be amazed at what you can find by actually opening and using your eyes! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: