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How i get the first order, need suggestion

Hi, I am Bipul Sarkar. I just recently complete my BSc graduation from Computer Science and Engineering department. I have a lots of working experience in web design and web development. My working area is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Java. So, I am here to start working seriously and gonna develop my career.

I am new here. so i need suggestion from experienced people how i get the first order from here.

I am waiting for your suggestion.


Hello Bipul sarkar i suggests start sending buyer requests. On fiverr you can send 10 buyer request daily so try to utilize them properly. and try to convince your buyer.

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

I suggest creating a gig that offers more services than you would typically expect for $5. You need to give people a reason to go with you when they can just as easily go with someone with many positive reviews and sales. You don’t have the reputation yet so you need to offer more services.

Thanks :slight_smile:

First, you need to create a good image and description for your gig. Put good tags. Check top rate sellers gigs but don’t copy their gig details. You can get more details of fiverr academy.

:slight_smile: Thanks

Having a great portfolio boosts your sales by 300-500%. And you need to fit to market. I don’t think someone really requires freelancer to do a Java project on fiverr. Instead you can create a gig which says, I will do your University project in Java and so on. Again, Whatever you’re doing give sometime to have the best portfolio, it will change your approach to the market. Good luck in your future jobs.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

First make few gigs to each of your qualifications. Set low prices since you do not have reviews. Send out offers every day. Then you will get gigs. Work hard and deliver quality work. When you get ratings you will get more jobs.
Good luck

Thank You :slight_smile:

Stay online as much as possible. Social sharing is your friend. Links to your fiverr are your friends. Post multiple gigs across a week long span at different times in the day. Different parts of the internet are active on different days.

:slight_smile: Thank You