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How i getting orders

i received buyer request but not getting any order please give me some tips and also tell me about sent offer?


I am having same issue

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Hi, Shamaamjad!

Welcome to the forum.

The buyer request section is extremely competitive. You can send offers but, unless they’re well written, they’re likely to be overlooked.

If you want, you can share a typical response with us, and we’ll try to critique it for you.


Hello @shamaamjad Welcome to the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us.

see my friends post @ahmwritingco he knows his stuff :smiley:

Best of luck on your journey. :smiley:

Warmly, Humberto


hi there @fatimasyed4, best if you create your own thread so we can welcome you… ciao! :smiley:

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Thank you, Humberto. Your words are very kind.

Whenever I see you typing a post, by the way, my brain starts shouting, “BIG SMILEY FACE INCOMING.”

As you and I both know, a person’s Gig must also be optimised in order to make sales, but well-written buyer responses can definitely increase the odds of earning an order. :slight_smile:




You should add more gig images in your gigs also use pdf. don’t forget to add your portfolio link in your gig description. Try to send buyer request between 1-11 . Follow this In__Sha___Allah You will be success. Remember,success never comes easily for everyone.


okay sure I’ll :innocent:

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tell me the right format of write the accurate offer?

There is no right format. Everybody writes buyer responses differently. :slight_smile:

A simple format that would work well would be:

  1. Quick greeting
  2. Show you’ve read the request
  3. Talk about ideas and relevant experience
  4. Direct buyer to samples of your work
  5. Optional call to action

Buyers receive so many requests. They won’t spend time reading those that aren’t written well. Make sure you use correct business English. Keep all of your examples and offers concrete (no vague, meaningless expressions).