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How I got 12 orders in just 10 days!


Hi everyone, My name is alisa and I work as a graphic designer on fiverr. I got 12 orders in just 10 days by applying in buyer requests you can check my profile. Today I’ll let you know how to get your first order by applying in buyer requests. Apply in buyer requests when you have created your first gig after that keep applying you will get more order. Thanks


Very helpful. Thanks!


Motivated article


Good tips.


Thank you for the idea


I always apply, But I hard get order from the applicatrions.


Truly helpful. It has been working for me.




Really nice!


Thank you!


Thanks so much for sharing.




I am not getting single order from buyer Request Section :frowning:


Links to external sites is a big NO NO in this forum.


Thnx for the tip!


can you please tell the timings when new requests are generated because whenever i visit the buyer request section their are already more than 20 offers are sent.


awesome … an idea worth really works


12 orders in 10 days is not that impressive


Great thank you for this


Congrats Alisa