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How I got 1K impression to my first gig within one week..I hope my first order soon

Hello guys Thanks for check my Post in this post I review few tricks how to get more clicks and impression very fast. I got 1000 impressions 578 views 257 clicks and 159 social clicks within one week using these methods.

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  1. Add attractive gig images to your gig.
  2. Share your gig on social media groups.
  3. Add new different search keywords to your gig.
  4. Type your gig description short and sweet.

@bandara24 Welcome to Fiverr Forum. send Buyer request and GIG marketing every day Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. you get order and also impression


Welcome to the fiverr community.
Your first order will come sooner that you least expected if you are consistent.
Make sure you are sending buyer request everyday too.
I wish you best of luck


Thanks for your tips aishi168.

Thanks you very much samandcathe

Wow that’s a nice one thanks alot

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