How I got my first few sales & Front Page of Online Marketing


Many users on here have a hard time getting there first few sales to generate some sort of trust. I had the same problem as well. When I first joined, I received zero sales for the first few weeks. I took a growth hacking session with a reputable Growth Hacker out in Canada, and he really helped me out. I currently, managed to convert my sales from Fiverr to a full servicing package on my website. So currently my Fiverr sales slowed down purposely due to high demand on my original website.

I thought I can share my experience with everyone else. The growth hacker told me, that growing a trusted reputation on Fiverr will have to come from somewhere. He said, a great idea would consist of being on the look-out for a growing startup website that has generated a great amount of loyal user acquisition and is still looking to grow more. Finding the websites that have already grown will be difficult because of the high cost of advertisement or business relation. There are many sites out there, just google them and then do some analysis to see the growing number of users and send them a email. I used EGH and they were open to articles being submitted. When you do submit an article, do not direct it completely about your gig. Talk about something that would benefit users and some how make a link to your gig.

If you are lazy, and don’t want to do your own research (giggles) then you can use the website EGH ( and submit an article. I’m not sure if they are still open for submissions, but its worth trying. I generated 8 sales from my one submission and those sales got me to the front page of Online Marketing for a few weeks (I also treated those customers with excellent deliveries and amazing customer service). I was lucky enough to get it tweeted on their twitter since I was one of the first users :slight_smile:

Be creative, and look at what the internet has in store for you to grow your Fiverr sales.


eGrowthHacker [EGH] - The online Growth Hacking engine.


hallow sir give me addvice plez. i need your help …


Reply to @yeasir: Find a website that is up and coming. They are always looking to publish content. I used but you can use another website. I trust that one because that founder is a reputable Growth Hacker out in Canada. Register as a member there and then click ‘submit article’ then write a powerful indirect article about how your gig service can benefit other peoples growth in their business and then submit it. If the editor team likes it. They will approve it and they will make it seo friendly for you. Give it a try, or just use google to find other websites.


Effective method, and beneficial website. Content is key.


Reply to @sugarcode_ca: I know, it really works! :slight_smile:


I have a brand new site and am looking for people to post to my blog. I will gladly give you great reviews in return for your service! send me a message and we can set it up


@yeasir check out my above post


I’m not sure I understand why you are posting this. First off, your admission that you contacted and still contact people outside of Fiverr is grounds to be banned from the site. (No outside communication)

But on top of that you have no basis for posting this.

You talk about how your sales have dropped because you grabbed everyone and left… but you never had any sales.

You’ve had under 10 sales since you joined Fiverr in August 2014.

I also took the liberty of checking your site and you have no ranking or traffic it seems.

So… what exactly are you saying you’ve done?

It just seems to me like you are trying to get traffic to your site by breaking the rules here at Fiverr.

No matter what… you have no proof or basis to back up your claims and advice. No sales really here on Fiverr and a new site which you shouldn’t be linking to… with no traffic.

What gives?


I am not here to get 1000+ sales. Some people do, that their preference obviously. I do detailed SEO audits, and I look for a few customers not many. Two a month is enough for me. Then I convert them to a full sale that Fiverr doesn’t enable you to do so. Which will make a full SEO sale. Thats all, I am not really breaking any rules. I am not forcing anyone to use a specified website. I encourage you to be creative and find your own. I just found that website has a decent amount of users that actually enjoy that website and are loyal to it. I encourage everyone to find their own. Also I am not bailing on Fiverr, I will be back to grab a few more sales to convert for the month. No need for negativity. FYI, that is not my website, so I can care less.


You wrote that it was your website.

And… the fact is that you are NOT allowed to communicate with people outside Fiverr. You are NOT allowed to grab clients and communicate outside Fiverr.

But… to be honest. I don’t really care. Good luck to ya.


Yup, you too.


i will make Double sale next 12 month

5 Steps To Doubling Sales In The Next 12 Months




Honestly, having unique and effective content can really put you in a lot of great places. Such as having a great gig, or having your post published by EGH ( or even search engines. Content is key, and a lot of people think it is too simple to be true.