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How I got my First order and how you also can!

Hello community!
So first of all let me tell you that I am not a very pro seller or someone who makes a thousands of dollars from this freelance career, I am totally a newbie in this field who is starting out his journey to become successful.
Its just been a month or two that i have joined this community and currently i provide my services in the video editing field…

So i know these are very early days for me but i have seen a lot in this forum that lots of new sellers just come everyday and simply complain of not getting orders, so thats why i decided to share my short little story of how i got my first order and how you also can if you really want to…
So, if you visit my profile you will see one of the most worst GIGs that you can think of and the reason is simple I haven’t optimized my GIG ever, i know there are a lot of things that i really need to change but i am actually a too lazy person to do it, as a result my GIG is not even ranking in the last page, and I have no complain about that because i know the reason.

So now I never encourage anyone to do stuff like this because you can never be successful like this. At the beginning when I started out I didnt had that motivation and I was actually not so sure that i could even get a single order because the category which i choose to provide my service do have a huge amount of competition so that’s why i didnt optimized anything and everything is as it was earlier. So now off-course I would be changing everything and optimizing stuffs.

So now the question arises if I was performing so bad and was least bothered about my GIGs then how did I actually receive my first order.
And the answer is simple BUYER REQUEST
So I want to point out a few things which you as a new seller really need to focus on and once again I am repeating i am not any pro or something like that, what ever little bit of experience that i have gathered in these few months, i just want to share that with all those new sellers who complain of not getting orders.

  1. First and foremost, just stop complaining. It can be a bit harsh but it is what it is you cant achieve anything if you just complain of every small little thing that happens in your life.
    Try to find solutions yourself wherever you are lacking in my case I knew the reason why i wasn’t successful so there wasn’t anything to complain about.
  2. If you are joining this platform or any other freelance platform only for the sole motive of earning quick money, then my friend this is not the platform for you to become successful, i have seen sellers in this forum telling its been 2 days i am not getting orders what should i do, i just laugh thinking that these guys really want to get money in just 2 or 3 days.
    Just have patience definitely you will become successful one day.
  3. If you are a new seller then off-course you should have your PORTFOLIO ready. Writing a lot of catchy phrases in your description, that i can do this-that wont give you buyers, you should also have samples and portfolios with you which proves all your judgements and statements that you made are correct.
    Hence focus on your skills, whatever service you are providing do make sure you have very good idea and knowledge about that subject.
  4. Lastly, in terms of buyer request do write your request as properly and descriptively as you can.
    In my case their was this request of a buyer who wanted an editor for their YT channel and they asked us what are the changes that we can make to their videos to make them even more interesting. So i did wrote a very detailed explanation of all the possible changes that can be done along with that I also told them as how i generally do my work and what sort of benefit i can provide them if they actually decide to hire me.
    Believe me that post got a total of 132 request and generally in my category this is the average number of request any post gets, but out of all this that buyer did contacted me I provided with all my samples that i had previously done for all different clients, they were satisfied and they did hired me.

Today I completed my 2nd week working for them, they did payed me on a weekly basis and i got 5 star ratings for both the weeks along with tips also ( I had to complete 3 vids a week and i was paid for the 3 at once)…

So, at the end I would just like to tell all the new sellers just dont be much worried about why your GIGs are not getting clicks views orders and stuffs and why buyers are not responding to your request. Believe me if you have done everything correct and theirs no mistake from your side then you are bound to become successful you just need to have patience and wait for the right time ( YOUR TIME).