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How I got my first order from buyers

I can’t send buyer request. I am online here 24/7 and I put my all efforts but still not receive any order…Pls help me :slightly_smiling_face:

Why does your video say to go to a different profile?
Edit: And not match your gig at all?

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When you achieve level one seller you will get 500+ buyer requests.

You need smart working not hard working.

Sorry we can’t help you. You see the search bar above :mag_right:, there are many topics about that just search.

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@iqragillani - don’t steal other people’s videos. That’s not what’s meant by “add a video to your gig”.

If you want a video for your gig, either get one made for you here on fiverr or make one yourself. It should reflect your skills and your gig.

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Thanks for sharing your suggestion… I will definately follow your instructions

Thanks, yes i will remove that video from my gigs and follow your instruction

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Oh really thanks to you